About The Blog

I’ve always wanted to start a personal blog, so I figured I better actually do it this time. Some of this website stuff is super complicated, but I finally got up and running, and I’m able to make posts! It’s crazy how much you can learn with just the Internet and YouTube.

I’m a housewife that loves keep me up the home and enjoys tackling home-improvement projects, again with the help of YouTube. No one I’m not sprucing up the home or getting ready for the next season and are packing my kids lunches, I’m a sucker for travel. I mean who is isn’t?

My family gets out on a few family vacations every year a couple of good ones in the summertime, and my husband and I will try and get out during the year while the kids are with their grandparents. We love it all, East Coast, Europe or anything Caribbean; we just love it all. So all this is my first try at this football blog thing I hope to share my experiences and share some helpful tips that maybe somebody will find value in. So take a look around and let me know if you have any questions!